A new, breakthrough solvent replacement surfactant cleaner for use in auto wash systems.

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  • Naturally-derived, biorenewable cleaning formula
  • Incredibly effective for cleaning all ink types, including solvent inks, stubborn UV inks and waterbased inks
  • Specifically engineered for use in auto wash systems
  • Cleans anilox rolls, plates and parts
  • Safe for employees and the environment, thanks to new, plant-based surfactant technology
  • Works quickly. Customers using SircGreen in auto wash systems have reduced cycle run times from 20 minutes to just 5 minutes
  • pH neutral & free of solvents - a water-based formula you can feel good about
  • Dilutable up to 3-1. Mix with water to achieve maximum cost savings at your plant
5 Gallon Pail #SIRCGR-5GP0 $419.99
55 Gallon Drum #SIRCGR-55GD $2,299.99
Download MSDS SIRC GREEN Solvent Replacement Surfactant SDS.pdf
Download Flyer SircGreen Info Sheet.pdf
Product Information
FlexoCleaners has done it again! SircGreen is an environmentally safe, highly effective solution for cleaning solvent ink, along with stubborn UV-based and water-based inks. SircGreen is designed for use in auto wash systems cleaning anilox rolls, parts and plates. Wide web printers have traditionally had to use solvent based cleaners in order to clean solvent based ink. SircGreen is the formula they have been asking for: a safe, cost-effective cleaner that works like a very powerful solvent. SircGreen will outperform competitive products, work faster and last longer. It is dilutable up to 3-1. For our narrow web customers, SircGreen is the formula they have been looking for to use in their auto wash systems cleaning stubborn UV-based and water-based inks. Contact us now to arrange a no risk trial of SircGreen.
For use in auto wash systems such as anilox roll wash units, ultrasonic tanks and part / plate washers. SircGreen can be diluted with water up to 3:1. SircGreen is not compatible with prothane hosing or rubber materials. Recommended substitutes are chemical-resistant hoses and belts.

water-based formula, naturally-derived, plant based surfactant cleaner, appearance: clear liquid; pH: 7
Solvent free, environmentally-friendly formula. Neutral pH. See MSDS for details.
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