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Thursday June 30, 2022
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Our Mission is to provide the entire flexographic industry with chemically superior, flexo ink cleaners while responsibly protecting and preserving it's community with ecologically safe products.

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Enpurex Intelligent Cleaner
The world's first intelligent ink cleaner is here! This revolutionary product contains small molecules that continuously change shape to deep clean all types of ink. Enpurex is green, safe to use and biodegradable.

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  • A little Enpurex goes a long way. 1 liter (33 ounces) does the work of 10 gallons of equivalent industry liquid cleaner
  • The first effective biodegradable cleaner for solvent ink
  • Safe to use, no strong smell, green and environmentally friendly
  • This patented micro emulsion detaches and gently removes layers of ink in the cells of the anilox roller instead of dissolving the ink like other cleaners
  • Comes with one Microfiber Cleaning Pad per bottle for easy application
1 Liter Bottle (33 ounces) #ENPU-1LTR $199.99
Liter Bottles (Case of 6) #ENPU-06CS $1,079.99
Product Information
Enpurex® is a truly green and biodegradable solution for cleaning all types of ink, including water-based, UV and solvent-based ink. Incorporates microscopic intelligent structures that vibrate 4,000 times per second, break up and get underneath the ink. Apply the product to the anilox roller and within 5 minutes, you have a perfectly deep cleaned anilox roller. We challenge you to apply this product to an anilox roll you thought was clean. The small molecules in the cleaner continuously change shape and size, work their way between the dried and hardened ink left in the cells of the anilox and gently remove the ink, producing a complete clean you never thought possible. Because Enpurex does not damage the cell walls, it increases the life of the anilox roller and therefore reduces costs significantly.
Use for in-press or off-press daily or periodic cleaning of any ceramic, aluminum, rubber or chrome anilox roll. Use full strength and make sure the surface to be cleaned is 100% free of any water, as water stops the cleaning action. Use a Microfiber Cleaning Pad dampened with Enpurex to apply the Enpurex across the entire face of the roller, wait 3-5 minutes and use a strong paper towel dampened with water to wipe off the ink removed with Enpurex. Cleans and removes water-based, UV and solvent-based inks.
Waterbased formula, Appearance: clear liquid, Odor: fruity, Ph: 5.5
Biodegradable, environmentally friendly, pH neutral, acid free, not SARA 313 listed, not reported to have any carcinogenic effects, not reported to have any mutagenic effects, not reported to have any reproductive toxicity effects. The product is not reported to have any ecotoxicity effects.
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