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Thursday June 30, 2022
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Our Mission is to provide the entire flexographic industry with chemically superior, flexo ink cleaners while responsibly protecting and preserving it's community with ecologically safe products.

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Anilox Roll Cleaners
[12 products]
Daily and periodic anilox roll cleaners. Special gel-type periodic anilox cleaners and super concentrated liquid daily anilox cleaners. Now clean your anilox rolls while on-press or use our top-performing anilox cleaners in your ultrasonic cleaning systems.
Press Cleaners
[1 product]
Specially formulated cleaners for cleaning any flexographic press by removing any wet or dry flexo ink. Use to save time between flexo ink change-overs. Cleans all printing press parts including ink trays and ink pumps.
Hand Cleaners
[2 products]
Top-performing hand cleaners formulated exclusively for any type of flexographic ink. A must-have for any flexo press operator.
Solvent Substitutes
Use these environmentally-friendly, low VOC, solvent substitutes to become more environmentally compliant while maintaining a safer pressroom. Easily clean your flexographic press and converting equipment.
Adhesive Removers
Adhesive removers invented solely for removing adhesives used in any flexo printing or converting application. Put an end to messy adhesive problems on your flexographic printing press.

Due to our programming/website limitations, it is impossible for us to show all of the products we can provide. Whatever your product needs, please ask. If the item you need is not listed, we can likely get it at a competitive price. If not, we may save you time by advising you where to look. Please call 1-888-Flexocleaners (888-353-9625) or 631-345-5222 (Outside USA), or Click Here to submit a request form.

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